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Restaurant Insurance

from Sundel & Milford Insurance Agency

Restaurant Insurance

When it comes to restaurant insurance, there is a lot to consider. You want to ensure that your customers, employees, facility, and products are safe — and the only way to do so is by insuring them all. 

First and foremost, your restaurant should have general liability insurance. This coverage ensures that your restaurant is protected against third-party claims. This includes everything from bodily-injury to property damage. For example, if a telephone pole came crashing into your restaurant or a customer slipped and fell, general liability would ensure that you’re protected against the costs involved. 

When you own a restaurant, you’ll also want to consider inventory insurance. Though you may think it’s unlikely to lose your entire inventory, it is a real risk. You should be prepared if it were to happen. Inventory insurance would cover the cost of any food products that you might lose in the event that your restaurant would lose electricity, or if your storage room caught fire. 

Liquor liability insurance is something else you should always consider for restaurants — especially if you sell liquor. If you were to serve a patron alcohol and that patron then injures someone else in your restaurant, or damages your space in any way, your liquor liability would protect you against the costs involved. This also covers you in case one of your bartenders serves someone alcohol who then hurts someone else in an accident later on. 

If you use a vehicle for your restaurant for delivery or catering, it’s crucial that you have commercial auto insurance. Usually, this kind of auto insurance is not covered by your personal vehicle insurance. This insurance covers your commercial restaurant vehicle similar to the way your personal insurance covers your personal vehicle. However, there are some additional coverages that are related to your business. 

Finally, you’ll want to consider product liability insurance for your website. This is important if you sell your products in your store, or online. For example, if you were to sell your famous peanut butter pie, and someone were to fall ill because of it, this insurance would protect you against the claims that could arise.

No matter what restaurant insurance coverage you’re looking for, can help. Feel free to contact us today to talk more about your custom restaurant insurance policy!